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"Aging in Place " is growing older without having to move 

It's never too soon to begin thinking about creating a universal design for barrier free living in your home.  Homeowners of all ages can benefit from incorporating innovative designs into their home remodel/build plans which allow not only a stylish environment but also a safe and comfortable home in the years to come.  Simple details during a remodel/build such as the widening of door spaces and hallways, adjustable closets, task lighting, toggle light switches and  raised cabinets are just a few of the details that can make getting around your home easier and allow you to stay for  many years to come. 

SAFETY FIRST!  Home remodeling for your safety, privacy, convenience and to help your caregivers provide compassionate care.

  • Site-built showers with seats, chair space, bars and tiled spaces for easy clean-up.

  • ​Hallway railings, lowered or raised sink bases/water closets to accommodate wheel chair access or easy height standing or sitting.

  • Customized ramp ways or exterior/interior door enlargements, railings and walkways.

  • Customized plans including furniture repositioning, hardwood or tile flooring, wall safes, and more.   Please call us for a home visit today.
(440) 862-0352 ​
Robin L. Brower, Aging-in-Place Specialist